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This Years Award Winners
Master Recruiter/Gold Badge - SSgt Brian Morgan
Top EA Flight Chief  - MSgt David Rooney
Top EA/OA Recruiter - TSgt Tremayne Hubbard
Top SQ EA Recruiter - SSgt Brian Morgan
#2 Recruiter - SSgt Sean Speiden
# 3 Recruiter- TSgt Kristofer Miller
Top OA Recruiter - TSgt Timothy Trowbridge
Top HP Recruiter - SSgt James Potts
Top Rookie Recruiter - SSgt Daniel Harvoth
Top Enlisted Program Flight - G Flight
Top Flight Recruiters;  A Flight - TSgt Eric Hofherr
                                          B Flight - TSgt Kristofer Miller
                                          C Flight - SSgt Sean Speiden
                                          E Flight - TSgt (Select) Samuel G. Flynn
                                          F Flight - SSgt Jeffrey Bressette
                                          G Flight - SSgt Brian Morgan
Top Support NCO - TSgt Robert Early
Safety Award - SSgt Daniel Harvoth
Top Civilian of the Year - Ms Heather Russell
Spouse of the Year - Meredith Speiden
Commander's Achievement - SSgt James Potts
Commander's Improvement - SSgt Brian Morgan
Pro-Supe Achievement - TSgt Jeffrey Bresette
Chief's Award - MSgt David Rooney
Diamond Award - MSgt Amy Cost
Training/Marketing was awarded Best in AFRS 2007
Support Flight was awarded Best in Group 2007
And the 330th finished 9th overall in the Nation!!! Way to go!!!

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